Terms and conditions

“We want you to fully enjoy the fun of DIY”

Buyer Protection 

Well come to Earphone DIY Labs Buyer Protection. We want you to shop with confidence and worry less. Our Buyer Protection ensures that your purchases are covered in the event that you encounter a problem.

Basic Guarantees

Earphone DIY Labs offer 6months guarantees of every component we sold. This warranty applies to all countries, and automatically taking effect after your purchase. 

“Happy DIYer” Guarantees
Earphone DIY Labs offers special discount to back you, the smart DIYer, to always courage and happy in you adventure.  we under stand the journey of DIY is full of failures and some time frustrating. And we hope this may help you getting a happy ending.

Please contact service@earphonediylabs.com with following info to get the discount for you next order:

  • Proof of you previous order. A screen shot or order number are just fine.
  • Description of the failure and the damage of the items. Please take a picture of the damaged item.
  • your request for the new item. Please attach url links to the item or just take a screen shot. 

Return and refund 

You can return sold items to Earphone DIY Labs if you met any quality issue or damage during shipping. In either cases you get 100% refund of both the item and the shipping cost. Please contact service@earphonediylabs.com to decide if you shall return or deposit the item (i.e., no shipping back).

Lose of guarantees 

You may lose guarantees immediately in but not limited to following situations. Please understand this is to protect this business so we can serve you in long term.

  • Damaged, modified (e.g., soldered, wired, screwed…) the original form of the item 
  • Use the item out of its bearable working scope (e.g., voltage, power, temperature…)
  • Resell the item to any 3rd party