We ship to any country on this planet 

[Important notice] Your phone number is mandatory for shipping. Please leave it in the order, or ensure your PayPal contact having it. Your private info would only used for shipping, no Ads, no nothing. Also please check the FAQs below to see if your questions have been answered. 

Shipping vendors and lead time

Fast Delivery by EMS is the most recommended service, and the only visible option you can see on our website. We choose EMS for a number of reasons:

  • Delivering to 120+ countries in reasonable speed: 5~7 working day to your door
  • Accept goods with magnet which other vendors (DHL, UPS) would  refuse. As most earphone kits and component is with strong magnet inside, EMS in the only option in many cases.

If you are in countries out of reach by EMS, please contact our for other shipping options. 

Custom and tax

We get requests from EU, UK, South-American customers all the time about how to avoid being taxed. To be honest the import tax in these countries is surprising high, some reaching to 30% and above. We believe no DIYer shall be taxed in a totally unreasonable rate and would like to do whatever legally to help our buyers out of this. 

Shipping cost

We offer 40% off of the EMS public price! EMS publish their quotation publicly so it’s easy to verify if you have any concern.

We actually have a deal with EMS and get 30% discount. And we afford additional 10% per order to further save our buyers’ budget – for example shipping to the USA, the public EMS price is $25, we pay $17.5 to EMS and only ask buyers for $15.

Track the status of your package

We will send you a trace number like EA*********CN which you can track on (preferred) or (slow and not working accidentally some time). Normally it take 1~2 days for the number become traceable after shipping

Source of shipping

We ship from wherever the component or kit locating. E.g., all DIY kits are assembled and tested in Beijing, China, so they will be sent from there.

Once you met problems of shipping

Send emails to or ping us on Facebook, we will help you out. 


Why I can not see the status of my trace number on EMS website?

It takes 1~2 days for the trace number becoming traceable after we hand over the package to EMS. So please be patient and wait a few more hours.

Why the status showing “return to sender”?

Please contact us immediately once you see it. In 99% cases it is caused by the package not passing the EMS security checking. We’ll repack and resend the package ASAP. You will receive a new trace number as well. And no worries, we addressed 100% cases like this, and all buyers are happy now.

Why the status has not been updated for days?

It’s EMS internal shipping process and we have no control over it. If you feel the process is way to slow than it shall be, please contact us and we’ll escalate to EMS. But please be kindly reminded it might takes 2 weeks before EMS can return to us.

Why the status is “fail to deliver”?

Your local EMS/Post office can not contact you when delivering.Please contact with your local EMS or post office immediately with the trace number, and ask for a solution. 

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