EDL F7200 High Resolution Earphone with Sonion or Knowles BA Drivers



  • Shell – Stainless steel mirror finish
  • Driver – Balanced armature
  • Connector – MMCX
  • Cable – Manually braided, silver plated 6N OFC, 1.2m length, crystal white or black colors
  • Sensitivity – 106dB
  • Impedance – 42Ω 
  • Weight – 23g w/o cable 
  • Distortion – <  0.5% 1 KHz, 94 dB

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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs inspired by Final F7200. It is an extremely small and lightweight single BA IEM, with a perfect fit and high sound insulation properties. Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will make it for you in 1~2 days.

You are an experienced DIYer? Great! Choose the All Separated Components Option and follow the tutorial below to enjoy the fun of DIY. By having basic soldering and gluing skills, you can easily make it in audiophile sound quality, with support from Earphone DIY Labs for any issue in your DIY journey.

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Here are the key values of this kit:

  • Extremely small (5.5mm), lightweight (23g) and durable (stainless steel) shell
  • Perfect fit and high sound isolation properties
  • Situated close to the eardrum, this earbud delivers high resolution,  a vast sound stage and rich bass tones.
  • Built with similar full spectrum Balanced Armature drivers used in Final F7200, manufactured in Denmark
  • Upgrade BA driver option to Knowles RAB32257 for better bass performance
  • MMCX connectors and custom 6N silver plated OFC OFC cable.
  • Safe fit edge for silicon or foam ear-tips to protect your ear, which is also compatible with all 4.3mm ear tips you can easily buy from most markets
  • Unbeatable price – you save 80%+ budget for the equivalent or better sound quality

What’re in the package

The kit includes:
  • A pair of earbuds
  • 2 pairs of silicon ear tips in middle size
  • 2 pairs of memory foam ear tips in middle and large size
  • 1 cable in crystal white or black
  • A carry case

What components can I choose from?

You can choose from 2 driver options. See the next sections for impressions about these components.

  • Sonion full spectrum balanced armature drivers model 26A007/9  
  • Or upgrade to Knowles full spectrum balanced armature drivers model RAB 32257  for better bass performance 

How does the F7200 sound with different BA drivers?

With the Sonion BA Drivers

It basically same as Final F7200 as both the drivers and the acoustic design being very close. You can safely refer to tremendous impressions on the web if you don’t have one at hand. We collected some reviews which we feel more objective for reference:

Note the stereoscope issue of the cable has been well fixed in our kit by using a manually braided, soft cable. 

From Head-Fi:

Design – 10/10
The design and workmanship of the F7200 is superb. The headphone jack, splitter and earphones themselves are all made out of stainless steel. This is in contrast to the F4100 and F3100, which both use a magnesium-aluminum alloy. Stainless steel gives the unit a sophisticated and luxurious look and feel. The only downside of the stainless steel is that it can act as a fingerprint magnet, but due to the small size of the earphones it’s hard to notice unless you’re actively looking for it…

Comfort, Fit and Isolation – 9/10
I have grouped these three together because I believe that for IEMs they are all intimately related. If you don’t get a good fit, the earphones are likely to be uncomfortable and not isolate well.

Unfortunately, the cable is very microphonic and noisy when worn down under the ears. I still prefer wearing them this way when at home since I can barely tell they’re there, but when on the go I wear them over the ear with the included ear hooks. This works well and essentially eliminates the noise from the cable.

The F7200 does a good job isolating outside noise. I have had no issues using it outside and on the go, although for flying I would still opt for a set of headphones with active noise canceling.

Overall, the F7200 are very comfortable. The silicon tips allow a fast and easy seal and prevent the unit from falling out when walking. I didn’t try running with these or anything too extreme, though.

Soundstage – 8.5/10
The F7200 has a very good soundstage with impressive imaging, especially considering its tiny size. Instruments have very good separation. This makes them easier to identify and pick out in more complex and layered tracks. While the soundstage is good, it is unrealistic to expect it to match those of Audeze’s open iSINE and other more conventional open-back headphones.

Highs (Treble) – 8.5/10
The highs are very good. I would describe the treble as airy, spacious and clear, with no sibilance. Piano notes and string instruments have good presence, and sound natural. Well-recorded acoustic tracks really shine. A harsh critic might point out that the highest frequencies are slightly exaggerated, but I like them as they are and think that they help prevent the sound from being boring and bland.

Mids – 9.5/10
I’ve read that Final products are known for their excellent midrange, and the F7200 certainly lives up to this reputation. The mids are accurate, smooth and clear. The midrange is very detailed and it is easy to distinguish the different sounds. I don’t find it to be overwhelming at all. They sound very natural, so much so that on well-recorded tracks I often feel like the artist is in the room with me. I have found that on some tracks female vocals can be a just a bit bright, but I fault the recording and mastering quality for this and not the F7200 as it occurs on a minority of tracks. Lower-frequency guitar and piano notes are clear, and positioned so that they appear to come from behind the vocals. I have found that this presentation makes it easy to relax and get lost in the music. When listening for several hours at a time, I haven’t experienced any fatigue and don’t tire of the sound.

Lows (Bass) – 6/10
If the F7200 falls short in one area, this is it. The bass is lacking, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call it anemic. There isn’t much sub-bass, due to the use of a single balanced armature driver, and the bass isn’t boomy at all. When listening to genres such as EDM, rap, dance or bass-heavy electronic music, it leaves me wanting more and unsatisfied. But on more bass-light genres, such as country, classical, some pop, some rock and vocal recordings, it can keep up and doesn’t diminish the enjoyment I get from the sound. If anything, on these tracks it really allows the mids and highs to shine through. I don’t think that the weak bass ruins the sound, but for me it has limited the genres which I can use the F7200 to listen to. It’s a bit disappointing that this weak spot in the sound exists, but this might be preferable to some and is an inevitable tradeoff of the single balanced armature design. I would also consider myself a basshead, so depending on your preferences these criticisms may not be as applicable.

Value – 6.5/10
With the F7200, I was expecting a large step up in sound compared to the my F4100, and I’m disappointed to say that I didn’t find it. They both sound very similar. That doesn’t mean that the F7200 is bad, as the extra $200 gets you better build quality and a vastly better cable. The F7200 is a much more stylish and luxurious product compared to the barebones F4100. Since the F7200 sounds very similar to its less-expensive sibling, I would have to label the F4100 as a much better value. But if you like the sound signature this IEM provides, and your budget allows it, the F7200 is a better product and will likely last longer due to the better build quality and cable…

Conclusion – 8.29/10
Due to its weak bass, the F7200 is not suitable for bassheads or as an all-rounder IEM. But if you’d like to add an IEM to your collection that makes acoustic, live and classical recordings sound wonderful, the F7200 should definitely be on your list of models to audition. If the price is too high for you, save $200 and grab the F4100, resting assured that you are sacrificing little in terms of sound quality. In the arms race to see who can shove the most drivers into a cookie-cutter IEM enclosure, it’s refreshing to see a company take a step back and release an IEM that embraces a simpler design.

From on the frequency response of original Final F7200.

With the Knowles RAB 32257 BA drivers 

Although using different drivers, this kit sounds surprisingly close to the kit with Sonion drivers. As you may observed from the frequency response measurement below, both kits have very close patterns in mids and highs – peaks on 3KHz and 8KHz, and valleys at 6KHz. So most impressions on FInal F7200 still apply. The major improvement from Knowles drivers is much better bass performance from high bass (<200Hz) to low bass (20~50Hz) where the kit still can output enough power – the original F7200 drops sharply 15dB. 

Frequency Response of F7200 kti with Knowles Drivers
Frequency Response of F7200 kti with Knowles Drivers

Also see other acoustic measurement of the kit with Knowles drivers.

Impulse Response
Impulse Response
Cumulative Spectral Decay
Cumulative Spectral Decay



Know more about cables

F7200 earbuds have to work with the cable specially customized for 2 reasons: first of all, the MMCX connector must be super tiny and light weight, second, it must be 90 degree curved. The only MMCX connector meeting these requirements are those used in Radio/RF scenarios like microwave or cable TV.We build these cables with 6N OFC, silver plated and ultra soft cables with 3.5mm jack. Please contact for any further customization requests.


How can I assure I get what is advertised in this F7200 kit?

Email to if you want the original measurement of your KIT – we test the Frequency Response, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Burst and Energy Decay, Impulse Response using standard IEC 711 coupler, customized sound card and ARTA software – and we can offer both snapshot or raw data file.

OK, can I assemble it now?

Of course and proceed with caution! Following up the step by step tutorial below, you can make the kit in 1h

Step 1: Know the components

  1. 2 pcs of MMCX female connectors
  2. 2 pcs F7200 shells, made by stainless steel
  3. 2 pcs of ear tips, 4.3mm inner diameter
  4. 2 pcs anti-dust covers, 4.3mm diameter
  5. 2 pcs BA driver housing (3D printed) 
  6. 2 pcs BA drivers (KNowles RAB 32257 or Sonion 26U08/9)
  7. 4 pcs inner wires, 6N OFC

Step 2: Solder wires to BA drivers

See the +/- pin definition below of Knowles drivers. Sonion driver is the same.

And make sure you solder the blue wire to negative pin and red wire to positive pin.

Step 3: Glue drivers to housing

Then glue the driver to the housing. We recommend T8000/E8000/B7000 or similar instant dry glues, where you can easily find on stores nearby. And wait >30min until the glue fully dry.

Be careful not to block the tiny nozzle of the BA driver, and make sure you glue it air tight, otherwise most low bass will be lost.

Step 4: Install drivers+housing to shell

Follow following direction to push BA+housing in to the shell.

Apply some glue around the housing and glue it to the shell, Wait until the glue being dry, then put on the anti-dust cover.

Step 5: Install the MMCX female connector

Solder the blue wire to the ground pin and red wire to the positive pin, see below.

Step 6: Test and finalize

You shall test the earbuds now before the final step to make sure all previous steps being done perfectly. The best way is to measure the FR response and ensure L/R channels being fully balanced. As both Knowles and Sonion are top BA manufactures, the channel balance can be very good (variance <1dB). If you don’t have an ICE711 coupler, you can try some familiar musics to check if bass, mid and high all sound identical from L/R earbuds.

If everything OK, apply a little bit instant dry glue to the edge of MMCX connector, and slowly screw it into the shell. Then you have this nice earbuds finally.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose a Driver Unit

Sonion, Knowles

Choose Assembling Option

All assembled, you get a complete F7200, I want a kit and build by myself

Choose a Cable

No cable, Crystal White, Black


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