[Best Value for Money] Original JBL Club One Headphones Orange Graphene Driver Units, 1 Pair/2 Pcs



  • Orange graphene diaphragm, Hi-Res certificated
  • Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW 95dB
  • S.P.L:115±3dB, f0: 120±20%
  • Dynamic frequency response range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Outer diameter 40mm

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This is a pair of 40mm driver units from original JBL Club One with orange graphene diaphragm, Hi-Res Auto certificated and the best value for money driver unit we’ve offered so far.

With reasonable price, this driver offers flat frequency response to nearly 40KHz, and therefore offers the best airiness. We highly recommend using them to upgrade low-mid end (<$200), closed back headphones and get immediate sound quality improvements.

Worries about how to reproduce original JBL Club One sound character? See select the Fine Tune option to let our professionals tune it for you, 100% FREE

Club One headphone inner structure
Club One headphone inner structure
JBL Club One front cover with driver
JBL Club One front cover with driver

Know about JBL Club One

JBL Club One performance — A clean, detailed and precise presentation

  • Balanced tone to sound
  • Plenty of power behind its sound
  • Not as precise or as energetic as rivals

What separates middling, good and great headphones is sound quality. The Club One falls into the very-good to almost excellent category. JBL has made much about its Legendary Pro Sound that’s been inspired by professional musicians, and there’s definitely a quality to the sound that’s revealing, balanced and natural in its approach.Treble is clear and detailed – perhaps not the sharpest but it stands out and, I feel, is more articulate than the Sony WH-1000XM3. What stands out about the Club One is the clarity. There’s no harshness or shrill tone to their character, nor is there a cramped feel to its sound: it’s a wide and spacious soundstage. A Tidal Master stream of Alexandre Desplat’s The Shape of Water, and each instrument feels as if it exists in its own pocket of space, tied together with an enjoyable sense of timing. There’s power behind it – not as much as the Sony – and there’s a clarity to vocals as the Club One presents them further forward so you can hear every word whether it’s shouty lyrics in Korn’s Blind or Justin Timberlake’s tones in Filthy.

See more review at JBL Club One Review | Trusted Reviews.




See below for the frequency response of original JBL Club One, i.e., how this driver performs in a closed back shell. See more detailed measurements at JBL CLUB ONE Wireless Review –

And here is the raw (i.e., measured on drivers not installed in shells) frequency response, where you can see the curve is flat even at 40KHz!


DIY suggestions (Sound fine tune)

Original JBL Club One drivers are tuned to closed back and small-medium chamber size. So if your headphone is also closed back and of similar size (most low-mid end Bluetooth headphones are like this), you may simply replace the old drivers. However, if you plan to use these drivers in open back cups (e.g., with our open back Grado GS2000/3000e, PS1000e kits), you have to tune it and let the bass out.

See the the tiny hole (in black circle) at the back side of the driver, which is covered by the white gauze. You can use the tip of your soldering icon to burn it bigger, but be very careful not to hurt the diaphragm down below! You can keep expanding it until the bass sounds best for your. If you want more bass, you can open up the 1 more hole.

Note: the dynamic drivers have been paired to ensure sound and quality fully balanced between right and left channels. Therefore we don’t offer single unit.  

Soldering: overheated (>250 degree C) soldering iron or overtime soldering (>2s) may permanently damage the driver. Please managed down both in your DIY. 

  • Installation: the driver has Sintered NdFeB Magnetic inside with extremely strong attraction power. Damage may caused by attracting anything hitting the fragile diaphragm. 
  • Others: applying high-voltage, storing in high temperature/humidity environment… all may cause unrecoverable damage. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
Sound fine tune

Fine tuned for closed back headphones (default), Tuned for open back headphones


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